Safe Harbor Volunteers Discover Animal Cruelty

Safe Harbor Volunteers Discover Animal Cruelty

Safe Harbor volunteers discover three inch arrow embedded in Elsanor colony cat this week.

After noticing a wounded cat while trapping, volunteers take cat to local vet partner and discover animal cruelty. The vet found a 3-inch arrow lodged under the skin along the cat’s ribcage. After removing the arrow, the vet neutered, vaccinated and ear tipped the cat. Safe Harbor volunteers returned him to his feral family. The Elsanor Colony Project is ongoing; to date, over 40 cats have been vaccinated and altered.

Trap, Neuter and Return (TNVR) is the most effective, cost efficient and humane solution to reduce nuisance behaviors and the over population of community and homeless cats. Since 2017, Safe Harbor has Trap, Neutered, Vaccinated and Returned, also known as TNVR, almost 1,000 free-roaming cats, raised almost $100k and rehomed about 300 adoptable cats and dogs.

Here is the problem in our community.

The number of unaltered, unowned, free-roaming cats in South Baldwin County is growing. The South Baldwin climate supports year around reproduction of cats. With local shelters operating at capacity, it leaves free-roaming feral and homeless domestic cats unaltered, starving and reproducing year around in South Baldwin County. Spaying or neutering is unlikely to change a pet’s temperament, basic personality or levels of playfulness and general activity. However, it can reduce the incidence of some behavioral issues, especially sexual behaviors, such as mounting, howling and the urge to roam. And despite what some believe, pets show no signs of “missing” mating or breeding. Please join us! Safe Harbor Animal Coalition needs your support to continue TNVR in South Baldwin County. The cost of sterilizing and vaccinating a cat is $100 to $125. 100% of your tax-deductible donation will go directly to paying for the sterilization and vaccination of a homeless, abandoned, or free-roaming cat in South Baldwin County.