Fostering is caring for a rescued animal in your own home until a permanent adopter is found. While S.H.A.C. does not take in animals from the general public to foster, we do sometimes need fosters to help with rescues that come in through our Volunteer TNVR Trappers.

While trapping, our Volunteer TNVR Trappers occasionally come across cats and kittens that need to be taken in from dire, life-threatening situations. Because S.H.A.C. is limited on space to house and facilitate caring for the cats and kittens in these situations, volunteer fosters play an important role.

OBACCP Fostering Bottle Babies

Foster Bottle Babies

Bottle babies are orphaned kittens that are still too young to eat solid food on their own. They’re usually under four weeks old. Without a mom-cat to feed and clean them, it’s up to us to make sure these little ones survive.

We are always looking for volunteers who are interested in becoming bottle-feeders. This requires a serious commitment, as very young kittens may need feeding as often as every two hours. This type of fostering is best for people who stay at home, work from home, or are able to bring tiny kittens to work every day.


Saving Animals By Fostering

Fosters are a vital part of rescue right now! With the growing population of unwanted and homeless animals, rescues and shelters are overwhelmed. They rely on fosters in order to be able to accept anymore. Please consider fostering and volunteering for any of our local rescues and shelters.
You don’t have to be an animal expert to foster. All you need is a safe home, a willingness to learn, and a love of animals.

OBACCP Fostering Cats

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