SHAC to Open Spay-Neuter Clinic in Baldwin County


SHAC to Open Spay-Neuter Clinic in Baldwin County

Safe Harbor Animal Coalition plans to build a new spay-neuter clinic in Baldwin County. This new clinic will serve the thousands of unowned and abandoned animals in the county.

“We’re at a point that we need a place for these animals to go,” said Safe Harbor Chairman, Steve Solomon. “There’s so many unowned, domesticated animals that are being released or abandoned daily. Therefore, we need a facility to keep them.”

Recently, three separate Trap, Neuter, Release (TNVR) groups from the tri-city area joined forces and formed Safe Harbor Animal Coalition. Working together as one organization allows us to pool resources and volunteers, and better help Foley, Gulf Shores, and Orange Beach with TNVR efforts.

Now, with the help of the donation of a building, we are able to move forward with plans for this new spay-neuter clinic in Baldwin County.

S.H.A.C. plans to have the clinic up and running this year. We already have vets who are ready and willing to volunteer their time at the clinic. The new spay-neuter clinic will not be for the general public’s personal pets. Instead, its purpose will be to help control the cat population in South Baldwin County.

“The cats in our area are reproducing at light speed because of our warm climate and the tourism industry giving them a constant food supply,” said Safe Harbor Acting Executive Director, Stephanie Christie. “The solution is putting these TNVR efforts into place, building a spay and neuter clinic for that purpose, and then rehoming these cats whenever possible and getting them off the streets.” Older cats will be released back into their community, but kittens will be adopted out whenever possible.

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